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Redemption Colorado

Redemption Colorado is my club to promote the collectible trading card game Redemption® in which players use Heroes to rescue Lost Souls, overcoming any Evil Characters that oppose them.  We have been meeting since October 2006 to play games, build decks, trade cards, and hold tournaments.

I offer a variety of Redemption® products to get beginners into the game, like starter sets that contain two starter decks ready to play and are specially balanced to play well against each other.  This allows two players to start playing immediately without have to learn how to build a deck.

The more advanced player will enjoy building custom decks with booster packs or expansion tins to collect a wide variety of common, uncommon, rare, or ultra-rare cards.  Currently, there are over 2000 unique cards in Redemption®!

The tournament player will appreciate the additional deck boxes, sleeves, and cases to protect their cards during the heat of battle.  Redemption® is for ages 7 and up.

See the club website:  Redemption Colorado

Matthew's Comics

Matthew’s Comics started when my dad created a three-episode story (Montezuma 2000) using Disney-Pixar’s Print Studio, Toy Story 2 to keep me entertained during a family car trip to Las Vegas, NM in 2000.  He created a couple more comics the following years, which inspired me to try my own creations.  Later, I talked him into helping me write the story for some hand-drawn comics (Super Strong) as part of our 4th of July activities.  This gave me enough experience to tackle a couple of projects on my own (Matthew Man and Creation Defender).

I put the comic creation on hold until my mom got a digital camera and I got a laptop computer.  Then I tried my hand at stop-motion animation with my series of Comical Robots.  They turned out so well I decided to update the old comics into a DVD slide show with narration.

Now is your chance to enjoy the entire collection!

1 - 4.7 GB DVD-R ($10.00) includes:
  • 9 episodes of the Montezuma comics (34:25) (Episode 3 preview)
  • 2 episodes of Matthew’s creations (2:43)
  • 3 episodes of Super Strong (6:41)
  • 1 episode of Matthew Man and blooper clip (2:22)
  • 3 episodes of Creation Defender (11:54)
  • 12 episodes of Comical Robots (12:42) (Cupcake preview)

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