Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt 2013 Memorial Day Arthur J Anderson - Matthew's Great-Grandpa 205734515 2014 Memorial Day Artificial flowers 192768594 2014 Memorial Day Richard H. Kindig (1916?2008), a photographer who was noted for documenting the rail transport industry of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains 192768595 2014 Memorial Day Henry John Deutschendorf, Sr., notable Air Force Instructor and father of music legend John Denver 192768596 2014 Memorial Day Karl H. Timmermann, first invading Allied officer to cross the Rhine river in World War II, commanding officer of Company A 27th Armored Infantry Battalion which captured the Ludendorff bridge at Remagen, Germany 192768597 2014 Memorial Day Karl F. Baatz, a German POW is interred in Fort Logan National Cemetery. He died while being held at Fort Logan during World War II (notice how whoever remembers this POW misuses the American flag) 192768598 2015 Memorial Day Geraldine Harriet (Burton) Anderson - Matthew's Great-Grandma 198927165 2016 Memorial Day After Super Bowl 50 205734516 2017 100th Birthday Born on June 25, 1917 204184512 2018 Memorial Day Orange roses 205734518 2019 Memorial Day Left pennies & gold paper on vase 205734517 2020 Memorial Day Brought own flags due to Coronavirus 206209174